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Are you looking to improve productivity over the next 12 months?

What hidden waste do you have in your process?

What would you do with 30% more cash flow?

Waste elimination is one of the most effective ways to increase profitability and efficiency in businesses and can account for up to 30% of the operating costs of an organisation.

Unfortunately, just like the leaky garden hose, waste is often simply accepted as the norm with most businesses. To eliminate waste it is therefore important to fully understand exactly what waste is and where it can be found. Toyota, the Japanese automobile manufacturer, after years of work to remove waste they identified seven areas where waste was most prominent. and they are Overproduction, Waiting, Transporting, Inappropriate Processing, Unnecessary Inventory, Unnecessary Motion and Defects.

Our waste reduction audit, is designed to help you focus on your processes and prioritise actions to eliminate waste from your processes, one small step at a time, and with full costings, you can immediately see the impact of these savings on your cash flow over the next 3 years.