Gibson Taylor
Planning Advising Growing

What is your history of successfully achieving sales targets?

How would it feel to look back in 12 months time and be in the same place you are in today in respect of your sales processes?

What level of business do you feel you are losing by not having good sales processes in place?

Your sales pipeline is just like your garden hose, each kink in the pipe will reduce the flow of suspects through the process and reduce your cash flow. Working with you, we will remove those kinks, to ensure that the maximum number of suspects move through your sales pipeline to become customers.

Does your sales team demonstrate the professional, business and behavioral competencies required to deliver outstanding sales performance, day in and day out, regularly meeting their KPIs and delivering the goals of the business growth strategy?

Are you solving problems or selling benefits and features?

Does your sales process cover all the bases in our 8 stage plan, from planning to signing the deal?

We will work with you to develop and enhance your sales performance and improve the sales skills of your team.

Starting with you current sales position, we will look at the impact on your sales and profits of increasing or decreasing:

  • the number of customers
  • the frequency of spend
  • your sales prices
  • the average purchase quantity
  • your conversion rate
  • costs of sales
  • overheads

Playing devil's advocate, we will test your assumptions, so you, your team and financial backers will know that your plans are fit for purpose.