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Processes either add ‘value’ or ‘waste’ to the production of an item or service.

Let's look at the 3 pillars that support productivity improvement

Pillar 1 - The Right Structure

Most people are aware the first step in a business improvement process is to get the structure right. The right structure means the right customers, the right products, the right cost of production and the right people. They don’t realise that once the structure is mostly in place, they should move to pillar 2.

Our Growth Planning service or our Sales Review process might be able to help you quickly pinpoint the areas for development within your business, which would help you increase productivity and unlock hidden profits in your company.

Pillar 2 - Remove waste from your structure

Lean management is typically used in regards to manufacturing operations but, over the past 30 years has permeated across all forms of business. A lean enterprise produces more with existing resources by eliminating non-value adding activities, in order to improve productivity, quality and efficiency.

Your focus should be on getting the waste out of the structure. There are seven wastes, overproduction, waiting, transport, inappropriate processing, inventory, motion and defects. Does your organisation experience any of the following examples of waste?

    • Focus on attracting new customers rather than providing additional services to existing customers?
    • After the contract is agreed, client asks for additional work that is not invoiced?
    • Customers waiting too long for a response or sale?
    • Too many unproductive meetings?
    • Lack of documented systems and processes?
    • Are you carry to much in inventories, finished goods or work in progress?
    • Picking up a piece of paper and not actioning it?

Our Waste Reduction Review service has been specifically designed to help you identify the areas of concern and opportunities for improvement in your systems processes.

Once pillars 1, the structure and pillar 2, the waste have been addressed you can now move on to biggest issue in the business, pillar 3.

Pillar 3 - The belief system of your team

If one person in your team believes that they are not worthy of success then they will prove themselves right, using the business as a vehicle. Showing a person how to develop a belief system of being worthy of success will result in them proving themselves right using the business as a vehicle. In this case both the individual and the business will win.

Our Coaching Service is specifically designed to instill a growth mindset to identify opportunities, develop a can do attitude and remove limiting beliefs.

Your choice of programmes to suit your budget

Having meet up for coffee to discuss your needs and requirements and explore some of the key issues in more detail.

Using a personalised and practical approach that takes into account the specific needs and requirements of your business, we provided a tiered Productivity Improvement programme to support you develop a robust business structure, remove waste from your processes and instill a belief system that will break down silos, grow your team, upskill your workforce and achieve your results.

Off the peg - you choose what you want, to suit your needs and requirements, with prices starting from £99 ex VAT.

Productivity Connect a short term Productivity Improvement programme designed to strengthen your business foundations and take you on to the next level.

Productivity Growtha medium term Productivity Improvement programme for business owners ready to implement their strategy and ensure that the team delivers the operational results, through improved performance, processes and beliefs.

Productivity Elite a hands on Productivity Improvement programme for organisations that want to obtain productivity improvement quickly and are experiencing rapid change.

 Productivity Improvement
Service Productivity Connect
Productivity Growth 
Productivity Elite 
Productivity Improvement Leader Support 24/7 email and telephone supportYesYesYes
 One-page action plan accountability and problem solving session Quarterly Bi-monthly Monthly
 Business Improvement meetings No Yes Yes
 Coaching call Quarterly - Video call Bi-monthly - Video or face to face Monthly - Video or face to face
 Quarterly Business Leaders Forum Pay as you go - by invitation only Pay as you go - by invitation only Yes
Programme Initial productivity improvement assessment/review/plan development Yes Yes Yes
 Review and update meetings Quarterly Bi-monthly Monthly
Productivity Improvement workshop NoYesYes
Working with your team to.... embed a common approach to business growth NoYesYes accountability around their business growth objectives NoYes  Yes
 ....measure performance and give feedback No Yes Yes
 Attend productivity improvement meetings Quarterly Bi-monthly Monthly
 Contract Fixed price monthly fee payable by monthly standing order Yes Yes Yes
 Guarantee  No Yes Yes
 Notice period 1 month 1 month 1 month