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Performance Academy

Our Performance Academy is aimed at team leaders and team members who want to move their team, Board or themselves from underperforming to cohesive or cohesive to high performance.

Incorporating the global best selling book 'the FIVE dysfunctions of team' by Patrick Lencioni our programme objective is to reach a common understanding of what it means to be a team and make substantial progress towards becoming a more cohesive or high performing team, depending on where you are NOW.

Module 1 - an overview of the model

An overview of the '5 dysfunctions' model

Key points.

Module 2 - what is a team and how to establish a performing team

Identifying the different types of teams and their characteristics.

Understanding the benefits and problems of each type of team.

What to look for as signs the team might be failing.

How to establish a performing team.

Key points.

Module 3 - leading your team

How to lead your team.

How to handle team problems.

How to evaluate performance.

Key points.

Module 4 - building trust

No quality or characteristic is more important than trust. Trust is the foundation for building your team.

Why is vulnerability based trust so hard to achieve?

Overcoming the fundamental attribution error.

Personal histories.

Behaviour profiling.

Key points.

Module 5 - mastering conflict

Gain an understanding of your own and your teams feelings about conflict.

Describing your team's collective norms around conflict.

Apply the conflict resolutions model to your current team conflict.

State some strategies for handling conflict in your team.

Key points.

Module 6 - achieving commitment

Why buy-in and clarity are essential for team commitment.

2 tools for clarifying and communicating the team's decisions.

The importance of the team's thematic goal for a specific period.

How to create rules of engagement for the team.

Key points.

Module 7 - embracing accountability

Why do team members often have difficulty holding one another accountable.

How to give useful feedback on behaviours related to the functioning of the team.

Actions the team can take to improve accountability.

Key points.

Module 8 - focusing on results

How the previous 4 dysfunctions can keep a team from focusing on their collective results.

RAG system and regular communications to keep your team on track.

Key points.

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