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Understanding your customers and how to effectively market to them is critical to the success of your company.

Striving for increased growth is an objective for most businesses however the path is not always a smooth one. Understanding what products, services, people, industries and market segments will provide you the desired growth and then what strategies are required to ensure you achieve your goals is critical.

We will help you create a marketing direction to your business, walking through the process to plan effective marketing programmes, advertising campaigns, sales promotions and brand recognition.

Having developed your marketing strategy, then you need to focus on the 3 pillars of increasing sales.

Getting more customers

Getting them to spend more

Getting them to buy more frequently

Our 'off the shelf' Growth Planning Programme is designed to enable you to review and benchmark your marketing strategy, sales process and sales performance to highlight areas for improvement and development.

Alternatively, we have developed a tiered Growth Programme to support you develop a robust marketing strategy, improved sales processes and effective sales performance that will grow your team, develop the right behaviours, upskill your salesforce and achieve your results.

Growth Connect - a short term Growth Planning programme designed to strengthen your business foundations and take you on to the next level

Growth Professional – a medium term Growth Planning programme for business owners ready to implement their growth plans and ensure that the team delivers the operational results, through improved sales processes and performance

Growth Elite – a hands on Growth Planning programme for organisations that want to align Marketing Strategy and Sales operational performance to transform their business, to obtain growth or profits quickly and are experiencing rapid change.

Growth Planning ProgrammeService Growth Connect 
Growth Professional
Growth Elite 
Leadership Support 24/7 email and telephone supportYesYesYes
 One-page action plan accountability and problem solving session Quarterly Bi-monthly Monthly
Marketing Planning meetings No Yes Yes
 Coaching call Quarterly - Video call Bi-monthly - Video or face to face Monthly - Video or face to face
 Quarterly Business Leaders Forum Pay as you go - by invitation only Pay as you go - by invitation only Yes
Programme Initial Marketing Planning assessment/review/plan development Yes Yes Yes
 Review and update meetings Quarterly Bi-monthly Monthly
 Marketing Growth workshop NoYesYes
Working with your team to.... embed a common approach to align Marketing Strategy and Operational Sales PerformanceNoYesYes accountability around their Operational Sales Performance objectives NoYes  Yes
 ....measure performance and give feedback No Yes Yes
 Attend Marketing Planning meetings Quarterly Bi-monthly Monthly
 Contract Fixed price monthly fee payable by monthly standing order Yes Yes Yes
 Guarantee No Yes Yes
 Notice period 1 month 1 month 1 month