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Group Coaching Academy

Continuing professional development is critical to the ongoing success of any organisation, but many seminars, webinars and training sessions are too prescriptive and don’t directly relate to the issues you, your team or your organisation face on a daily basis.

That's why we have created our Group Coaching Academy

Our Group Coaching Academy is a combination of action-orientated online training, combined with group coaching and community support. It addresses the direct learning and development objectives of participants while extending commercial benefits to the wider team and business.

Commercial and practical focused sessions
ensure delegates ‘learn by doing’, driving personal development and internal improvements during the learning process, by tailoring each session to address real skill gaps and achieve specific your specific needs and requirements.

It also enables organisations to invest in the attraction and retention of future leaders, so, that they can move the company forward to becoming a high performing team that delivers results, everytime.

Harmonising business wide processes and systems on strategy, sales and productivity for immediate results, by accessing the experience and problem solving skills of a senior business coach.

Delegates will follow a 12 month programme consisting of monthly learning including handouts, a monthly group coaching call and assistance developing a 60 day plan to ensure your ideas are implemented.

For more details on our individual programmes please click on the follow links:

Performance Academy

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