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What our clients say and the work we do

Successfully obtained £1.5m business acquisition

We assisted with the successful purchase of a public house and camping site, assisting the directors to put their business plans together and advising them on their negotiating tactics.

I approached Paul Taylor because I was recommended by a mutual friend whom also had received excellent advice and assistance from Paul. I was in the process of putting together a business plan for a new pub and restaurant which, to say the least, I welcomed his assistance with.

Now we can afford to retire!

Working with a £3m multi-site leisure facility, we carried out a business review for the directors and identified and implemented a number of successful business growth strategies, productivity improvement and cash improvement initiatives, which increased EBITDA by over £300,000 and with a P/E ratio of 5, the shareholders increased their retirement funds by £1.5m.

Paul Taylor helped me by providing clarity and enabling me to prioritise the myriad business development tasks in order to make a realistic plan for growth. Having an experienced and impartial (as far as my business is concerned) advisor to sound ideas off has also been invaluable.

Where has our cash flow gone?

Working with a £2m manufacturing and service company, we were asked to carry out a review of the business. Service engineers routes and work scheduling were reviewed and as a result, all non emergency maintenance was stopped at the weekend. The company saved over £200,000 p.a., staff morale increased and cash balances improved.

“The program to date has achieved a return of over 20:1. What I like best is that it is a FWI program “powered by Mindshop”, not the other way around” – Carl McGann, Chief Operating Officer

I would recommend Paul Taylor to people who need good, clear, straightforward business planning advice with a very personal touch.

Don't forget you need a whole of business review!

We were asked by a £3.5m financial services firm to assist them, as their new sales strategy was not working. Having reviewed the plan prepared by the previous consultant, we identified that the plan was a good one, however, there was one issue with two consequences. The issue, was that the back office systems were not fit for purpose and could not cope with the additional work generated by the new sales strategy. The two consequences, first, the previous consultants had not extended their review to the back office and second, the Office Manager, did not raise the issue. The outcome was that the sales strategy was put on hold for 6 months, whilst the company migrated to a new cloud based integrated CRM and accounting system. The Senior Leadership team also took part in a leadership development programme to develop trust and deliver results.

The result was not only that we were offered the business but that from day one we were equipped with the right knowledge to understand our business which gives us the confidence to develop our ideas and move not only the business forward but also our team in the right direction.

I approached Paul Taylor because I needed my business to grow sustainably and I wanted the confidence that I was making the right decisions and had had the ability to make them.

I needed to change my business model

The MD of an £200,000 IT company was struggling with moving the business forward through a period of rapid change and was lacking confidence in their own judgement. Working closely with the MD, we assisted to remove their limiting personal beliefs, build self-confidence, set clear goals and instigate the change required to successfully take their business on to the next level.

The result was we have a clearer vision as a business and a clear growth strategy that we are 100% confident in. Our processes have been improved making us a more efficient business.

One thing I liked was their compulsion to play devil’s advocate, question and challenge all of our decisions so that every action we chose to take was focussed on creating a tangible impact on our business. team is not performing!

Working with an underperforming Member Service team of a £2m professional body, we worked with the team leader, to review goals, priorities and work loads. The team leader changed the teams beliefs and aligned KPIs with strategic goals.Within 18 months the team had turned around their performance, utilised technology and delivered 98% of their KPI's.

I found the experience made me much more positive in my approach to managing the business and engendered a new confidence in my abilities as a company director.

I would recommend Paul Taylor to people who need the confidence and skill to be able to be able take their head out of the day-to-day jumble of running their business and maintain a clear path towards business growth.