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By: Paul Taylor | March 03, 2018

What do you do when your team is not functioning?

According to West Bromwich Albion's (WBA) Manager Alan Pardew - 'What happens in the dressing room should stay there'

He goes on to say, "it was "disappointing" that details of arguments in the West Bromwich Albion dressing room were reported after last Saturday's home defeat by Huddersfield Town."

So what's wrong with team WBA?

A team doesn't break down over night, small things creep in that if left unchecked, like the weeds in your garden, will choke team performance.

What could cause those issues?

First things first, an absence of trust. When your team is not functioning, you will usually see colleagues build brick walls or silos around themselves for protection, where they will not openly talk about their weaknesses, mistakes and fears.

Next, the calibre of group discussion will have become extremely uneasy as colleagues are afraid to engage for fear of their reputation, looking stupid or worst of all losing their job.

Then, you find that there is no buy-in to the way forward, oh yes, you think everyone is on the same page based on your meetings, but the reality is that everybody is going deeper into their silo, with their own agenda, as seen with the 'unofficial' media briefings. And at this point team confidence is at an all-time low, because the team is not pulling together in one direction.

Moving on, as there is no team buy-in, accountability goes out the window, with colleagues failing to call poor performance and behaviours. They will revert to calling on the leader to resolve issues, rather than taking action and talking direct to their colleague about their concerns.

The slide down the slope to the bottom is almost complete.

Finally, lack of results, each member of the team is placing their personal goals, agenda and career ahead of the overall team goal. They are in effect playing for themselves, not the team.

Next, in the case of football, we see this time and time again, the current manager will be sacked, and the new manager will come in and with the same ‘team’ players, attempt to reverse the process, by starting from the beginning by:

· Establishing trust

· Removing the fear of conflict

· Obtaining commitment

· Holding everyone accountable for the team goal

·  Delivering results

Leading a team that consistently delivers results is one of the most rewarding parts of being a leader, whether that is at Board, middle management or community level.

But it takes time, effort and constant 'weeding' to maintain your team’s focus and one ‘bad apple’ emerging from within or joining a team can have a major impact on your future as a leader and the achievement of team results.

Gibson Taylor specialises in moving underperforming teams to cohesive or cohesive teams to become high performing ones. And has been working with Boards and teams in the not for profit sector and medium sized enterprises. 

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