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Strategic Planning

Today’s environment of constant change, volatility and competitive pressure demands a robust and ever-evolving strategic plan focused on delivering successful outcomes. Each plan needs to be a ‘living and breathing’ document guiding future direction and providing clarity to key strategies and actions.

Whereas the reality is that every few years the senior leadership team head to the hills, for an executive retreat to formulate the next 3 years strategic plan, at the end of the week away, the plan is complete, the results are impressive, the document is visionary, progressive and innovative.

And then? Nothing happens.


Because they failed to build execution into their strategy planning. The plan is not cascaded down throughout the organisation. And worst still, operational performance does not align with strategic direction.

According to research from Kaplan Norton, over 60% of annual operating plans and budgets are not linked to strategy, over 30% of all staff incentive schemes are not tied into strategic goals and worst still, 90% of employees say they don’t understand the company strategy or how their work contributes towards the strategic goals.

A great strategy, expertly delivered, will generate significant transformational shifts in the way you, your organisation and your team do business, setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Our Strategic Planning programme uses proven methodologies combined with a wealth of experience across a wide range of industry types and sizes to deliver a one page strategic plan that cuts through complexity to provide focus on the key strategies you need to implement for success.

Growth Planning

Striving for increased growth is an objective for most businesses however the path is not always a smooth one. Understanding what products, services, people, industries and market segments will provide you the desired growth and then what strategies are required to ensure you achieve your goals is critical.

Our Growth Planning Programme is designed to enable you to develop a marketing strategy, sales plan and performance guide for your organisation, which builds in safeguards to ensure continued success.